Spectacular Kauai Sunsets at Poipu Beach and Spouting Horn

See the spectacular evening sky unfold on the famous Poipu Beach coastline and at Spouting Horn. Our latest Kauai video captures favorite sunset moments at Kauai beaches and from our popular Kauai vacation rentals. Every night you can also watch a live view on our Kauai webcam.

Most Memorable Kauai Sunset Locations

Year-Round at Polihale Beach – This rugged classic on the West Shore is located at the end of the road just past our Kekaha rentals. Your reward for driving the last five miles on a sugar cane road with bumps and potholes is a gold carpet of pristine sand that stretches seven miles from Barking Sands to the Na Pali Coast. Look for purples and reds in the evening sky and a spectacular Kauai sunset over Nihihau.

Alternative: If the road is wet or you run out of time for Polihale, stop at Kekaha Beach Park for a similar view.

Summer/Fall at Hanalei Bay – Frequently named one of the best beaches in America, this popular North Shore Kauai beach was featured in The Descendants. Along its crescent shaped bay are many Hanalei rentals fronting this exquisite Kauai beachfront. A popular viewing location is on the walkway out to the pier.

Alternative: Our Kauai condos in the Princeville Resort area have great sunsets behind the mountains to the west and south and a brilliant morning sky. A favorite place to view is from the award winning Hanalei Bay Resort overlooking iconic Bali Hai.

Winter/Spring at Poipu Beach – Always a Kauai family favorite and a Travel Channel top pick, this South Shore Kauai beach offers fantastic choices. The sand is luxurious and many of our Poipu rentals are oceanfront so you can appreciate the beauty of the early morning and evening sky. Another good location is Spouting Horn near the famous Kauai gardens at Allerton and McBryde.

Alternative: Many locals head to Salt Pond Beach for pau hana (after work) in Hanapepe. From anywhere on the beach you can see the colorful sky pictured at the top of this post.

Virtual Kauai Sunsets: Our Kauai webcam perched high above the Poipu coastline offers breathtaking scenes every day. No matter where you are located you can watch our view of the Pacific and feel the magic of Kauai.

Green Flash at Kauai Sunset – Real or Imagined?

As the top of the sun is about to sink, you might catch a second of a green flash if you don’t blink. It happens quick and is subtle. This is the last color seen before the light disappears. You must have a clear Kauai weather day for a chance to see the green light. Thanks to the long horizon over the Pacific, the green flash is easier to see. Real or imagined? Let us know if you see it on your Kauai vacation.

Photo Tips for Taking Kauai Pictures at Sunset

1. Bring a tripod to keep the image from blurring.
2. Objects in the foreground can add interest to the picture and will be illuminated in the glow.
3. Timing is critical – take a picture every 5 minutes at the start of sunset. Colors become richer as the sun approaches the horizon.

If you have any tips on photography or favorite places to view a Kauai sunset or Kauai sunrise, we invite you to share your ideas with us!


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