Lumahai Beach Offers Spectacular Beauty With Each Season

No matter which Kauai vacation rental you choose, there’s a spectacular beach close by to enjoy. When we asked our Facebook fans to name their favorite Kauai beach, Nikki Campbell wrote, “How can you pick just one?” That’s a good point, Nikki, and we agree.

The beaches that scored the highest in our poll were Poipu and Polihale.

I voted for them too but a personal favorite never made the cut. It’s Lumahai Beach located near our North Shore Kauai vacation rentals and just a few miles beyond Hanalei.

Hollywood star, Mitzi Gaynor, washed a guy right out of her hair on this beach fifty years ago. During the filming of South Pacific, Lumahai became her all time favorite.

I like Lumahai because the strong currents keep the beach in constant change.

There’s always something different to explore when I visit. The ocean can create small pools in the lava rocks and even waterfalls. Then there’s the crescent shaped beach which is a perfect setting for Kauai weddings or a Kauai commitment ceremony. I held mine here which makes Lumahai a sentimental favorite.

During periods of big surf Lumahai is best appreciated from the shore for its rugged beauty and remote location. It’s exposed to the open ocean and the waves can be powerful. In the Winter season standing on the rocks is not recommended due to unexpected ocean currents.

Directions: To reach Lumahai, drive beyond Hanalei and look for cars parked between mile markers 4 and 5. If you see the sign that reads, “Lumahai Beach,” you’ve gone too far.

Do you like Lumahai too? Let us know your tips for enjoying this spectacular beach on Kauai’s North Shore.

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Rain Allison July 29, 2011 at 10:37 pm

i’ve been to Lumahai Beach several times, every time i visit Kauai i go there. the weather can be very grey and it rains a lot up there, but you have to choose the first sunny day and GO there, as the next day it could rain all day and never let up. i never let that stop me though! as i only have a certain number of days on the island i just have to get there as it may be my last. I haven’t been there in almost 20 yrs. so you see what i mean. I want to go and revisit Lumahai Beach one more time because it may be my last time, it is physically difficult so i’m not young and have to be careful, but i’ll give it a try.

But definitely, Poipu Beach is beautiful and the weather is much better & reliable, and Polihale is nice as it’s away off to the end of the road, don’t get stuck in the deep sand w your vehicle! it’s also a very LARGE beach, so not crowded, but then maybe it’s different as i’ve heard that Kauai is much more popular w tourists than when i went the first time 40 yrs. ago.


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