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Even though Kauai has one of the wettest spots on earth at Mount Waialeale, most days are filled with sunshine. By no means is there ever a bad time to come. It’s always warm outside and you can swim in the ocean year round. When our tropical showers arrive, they keep Kauai lush and beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention the spectacular rainbows left behind and the smell of tropical flowers after a light rain.

Today’s post covers everything you need to know about Kauai weather and seasons. We’ve also included tips for you on where to find the sun if it’s cloudy outside.

Kauai Is Always Tropical

Thanks to our trade winds from the Northeast, the island’s humidity is moderate and temperatures stay mild throughout the year. That means a high of 85° in summer and 78° in winter. Ocean temperatures vary too between 73 and 80 degrees depending on season.

Two Seasons: Warm and Warmer

Kau is our warmest season from May to Labor Day with the most hours of daylight followed by balmy nights. Even though it’s dry at the beach we still have showers at night and in the mountains and valleys.

Ho`oilo is our cooler season between December and March with an average high of 78° and a low of 62 degrees. If you plan to go upcountry to Kokee this time of year, expect even cooler weather.

When is it most likely to rain? The two rainiest months are usually November and March but rain can fall anytime from November to April. Expect one month of rain in these six months or an average of 15% of the time. Most rain hits the interior of the island rather than the coastline.

Cloudy Day Tips

1. Search for the sun. It’s not likely that rain is hitting the entire island. NOAA is the best resource for real time weather. On their map you can watch any precipitation happening and plan your day accordingly.

2. Check Kauai Explorer for daily ocean reports. This will help you decide where to swim, snorkel or surf. Our seasons impact the height of the waves. During the winter months you’ll find the ocean calm on the South Shore and more waves up North. In summer this trend is normally reversed.

3. Look into the wind. That’s the direction the weather is coming from. Heavy clouds are a sign of rain coming and a good opportunity to raise the top on your convertible.

4. Bring a light jacket with you. Especially in winter this will come in handy for any light rain you encounter.

Now it’s your turn to add comments. If you see cloudy skies or rain coming, what are your favorite things to do?